Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)
Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)
Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)
Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)
Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)
Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)
Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)

Honda Element Cab Over Lights (4x)

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These are affectionately called "gator lights" in our household for no discernible reason beyond it being fun to say in a thick-n-twangy home town accent. They start off as Dodge* 2500 cab-over lights that we modify to fit in the roof channels on the Honda Element. When you tie these lights into your parking lights they turn on automatically with your headlights and flash when your Honda OEM remote unlock button is pressed. This mod makes your Element easier to see on the road and easier to find in a parking lot or garage.

Installation requires drilling 12 holes in your roof, the partial removal of the front of your headliner (which means removing your above-mirror storage box in an EX) and splicing into a parking light source. (because we have big hands and bodies, we like the space behind the radio. It's easy enough to access and the radio's "illumination" wire is a good place to tap in.)

for $10 extra we will upgrade the bulbs to LED before we ship them. Replacement LED bulbs can be had here. If you've got your own bulbs and don't want our dang incandescents, we'll keep 'em around here and use them in other projects. Waste not want not and hopefully hoard not.

* We are still working towards sourcing the base kits we modify from an American supplier and manufacturer. Right now they are the best chinese kits we can find.

Our kit contains everything you need but installation tools:

4x plastic light housings with replaceable bulb housings modified to fit in the rain roof rails of the Honda Element.

4x closed cell foam rubber weatherproof gaskets 

8x installation screws & rubber weatherproof washers

Pre-attached solid brass ground eyelets

3M of 14ga wire to reach your power source

T taps to attach lamps to power wire

sandpaper to remove paint from grounding screw hole. 

Tools needed:

a philips head screw driver

a drill with a 5/64 bit and a bit large enough to shove the red wire through (we might have done 3/8” to give us extra space we probably didn’t need.)

a pair of needle nose pliers.

all tools necessary to remove your sun visors, interior a-pillar trim, overhead light/storage box, and radio.


0: This is not reversible modification. Make sure you know where you want your lights located and mark that clearly with blue tape prior to install. Ours are 2” back from the windshield centered in the roof grooves. 

1: Remove a-pillar interior trim, sun visors, and forward storage box if you’ve got one. Pull the front part of the headliner down a few inches so that you can fit your hand between the roof and the headliner to run wiring (you may want to pull the rubber door trim and “oh shit” handle too.) 

2: use one of the included waterproof gaskets to mark and drill your wiring hole and screw holes one light at a time. The screw holes are 5/64" and are at the top and bottom of the gasket. The wiring hole can be placed anywhere in the rectangle cut out. Double check lens holes as the gasket has two extra holes that are not used in these lights.

3: drill 5/64in screw holes and larger wiring holes careful not to puncture headliner.

4: sand a nickel sized circle around the front screw hole with sand paper until you get through the paint.

5: thread red wire through gasket and wiring hole.

6: Finish other 3 lights the same way (steps 2-5).

7: run the end of your included power wire to the passenger most light and connecting it with the t-taps. Attaching the other 3 lights in the same way as you move towards the drivers A pillar.

8: run the power line down the A pillar and towards the fuse box, to behind the radio.

9: attach the power wire to the illumination light on your radio.

10: turn on your parking lights and hold the eyelet to the bare metal screw hole of each light to test that the bulbs work. If they are LED and don’t work, pull them out and turn them 180°

11: once you’ve tested all 4 lights are working, turn off your parking lights.

12: Twist your bulbs into your lenses and screw in your housings. Place the ground eyelet around your screw hole before placing your gasket and housing in place. Attach screws by hand. 

13: Make sure housings are snug down to the gasket and don’t move easily. 

14: Put all your trim back. 

15: enjoy the feeling of awesome from doing it yourself. Hit us up if you have problems.